BL Natural Mink Lashes (Natural Ellipse) - Individual Length Trays

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Product Description

BL Natural Mink extensions (Natural Ellipse) are hand made with 100% pure mink to create a natural look and luxurious feeling.  These Real Mink Eyelash extensions have a flat shape like our popular Ellipse Lashes that help for placement and good glue adhesion.  Choose from different lengths for a variety of looks, from subtle to bold. The color is a very dull finish and creates a very natural look.

The natural fur thickness is comparable to a .15mm-.18mm synthetic lash and may vary slightly. Currently available in J,B,C,D Curl in 8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm, 14mm Lengths.



Real natural mink fur can be heated and curled.

Natural looking

Clients Requesting a Pure Real Mink fur

Good Adhesion to clients lashes

Ellipse shape for easy placement and longevity.



Do not hold their curls as long as a Synthetic Mink Lash

More inconsistant in thickness than a Synthetic Mink Lash

More inconsistant in curl than a Synthetic Mink Lash