BL Individual Synthetic Loose Eyelash Ext.


Product Description

These BL Blink Individual Synthetic Loose Eyelash Extensions give a natural mascara look with a rigid curl. These Blink lashes are made from the exact same Korean PBT fiber as our classic lashes in the trays. These individual synthetic BL Lash loose lashes in  .5 gram are packed in a bag in loose form.  The amount of lashes varies because lashes are sold by weight for example an 8mm pack will have twice as many lashes as a 15mm pack.  An average amount of lashes is approximately 1500 per .5g. BL  Blink Lash Individual Synthetic Loose Eyelash Extensions are available in multiple curls and thicknesses ranging from .15mm to .30mm with lengths from 8mm to 16mm.