BL Individual Synthetic Loose Eyelash Ext.


Product Description

These individual synthetic eyelash extensions give the most natural mascara look without any clumping. These lashes are slightly more rigid than a synthetic mink lash and give a bolder look. They are available in B, C, D, and J curls and thicknesses ranging from.15mm to .30mm and lengths from 8mm to 15mm.  These are individual synthetic lashes in  .5 gram packed in a bag in loose form.  The amount of lashes varies because lashes are sold by weight.  An 8mm pack will have twice as many lashes as a 15mm pack.  An average amount of lashes is approximately 1500 per .5g

NOTE:We have done away with the Small and Large sizes and only will sell these in a "Normal" .5g size now.  The prices have dropped for the normal size from 18.99 to 14.49.