BL Blink Easy Fanning Feather - Individual Lengths

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Product Description

Easy Fanning Highlights

  • Pull off any amount of premade fans
  • Mixed lengths for feathery look
  • Easily Build your volume fans
  • Super light and natural

BL Blink Lash Easy Fanning Feather Lashes are lashes that provide a light and natural, yet voluminous look.  Each strip of BL Easy Fanning Feather contains an easy fan of lashes of mixed lengths, which creates a feathery look. The BL Easy Fan lashes are available in individual trays (9-13mm in length) in a C or D Curl with thicknesses of a .07 mm.  More...

Additional Description

The trays will be labeled with the longest length and the strips will be labeled with all 3 lengths that create the feathery look. For example a 13mm will have the longest lashes in 13mm but will also have 11mm and 12mm mixed in for the feathery look. For a video demonstration of how the BL Easy Fan Lashes work please click here: iLash Youtube Channel The Easy Fanning volume Tweezer can be found here.  Go to top