All Eyelash Extension Supplies

  • Micro Swabs Micro Swabs White Small 1.0mm

    Micro Swabs Super Fine - 100 pack


    Micro Swab Highlights Available in 3 sizes Sterile container 100 Count in each container Colored handles for easy size recognition Can be used for cleaning or applying Micro Swabs These Micro Brushes help you reach those small spots...

  • iLash Gel Remover Blink Gel Remover

    BL Lashes Gel Glue Remover for Eyelash Extensions

    $19.26 - $23.40

    BL Lashes Gel Glue Remover This is a must for every lash professional, whether removing someone else's messy lash application or just starting over fresh the Gel Remover lays on the lash while breaking down the glue. Other liquid removers will run in to...

  • iLash Premade Volume Fan Flat 3D Lashes iLash Premade Volume Fan Flat 3D Lashes

    iLash Premade Volume Fan Flat 3D Lashes


    3D Flat Volume Fan Highlights 3 Flat Strands for extra 3D effect Premade volume fans for convenience Improves application speed Small V shaped bases Great for Hybrid Lash Sets iLash Premade Volume Lashes are .10mm thick and there are 3...

  • ilash volume eyelash extensions ilash volume lash extensions

    iLash Volume Eyelashes


    iLashstore's exclusive volume eyelashes allow you to stack and add volume to your clients lashes. These synthetic volume eyelashes are silky smooth and are super lightweight for stacking and adding volume to your client's lashes. These lashes work...

  • BL Lashes NOIR Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

    BL Lashes NOIR Mascara for Eyelash Extensions


     BL Lashes NOIR Mascara for eyelash extensions  8ml A strong but "Extension Friendly" water based mascara that doesn't easily smear with sweat or tears. It coats each lash softly with specialized fine polymer which gives you full volume...

  • B type Hydrogel Pads B type Hydrogel Pads Shape

    Pure Hydro Gel Pads (10 Pairs B Type)


    1 Package of Pure Hydro Gel Under Eye Pads B Type - 10 Pair per Package These are more affordable alternative to the Blink Gel pads, they contain 10 pairs per package.  These pads are lint free and supply a gel like adhesive side for extra strong...

  • U+ Super Ultra Eyelash Glue

    U+ Super Ultra Eyelash Glue

    $20.64 - $44.05

    HS Series U+ Eyelash Glue Tech Level: Intermediate/Advanced Setting Time:2~3 Seconds Retention: Up to 5 Weeks Color: Black Consistency: Thin, liquid-like Ideal Humidity: 35~60% Shelf Life (Opened): 1-2 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) Shelf...

  • BL Lashes Volume Laser Lashes BL Lashes Volume Laser Lashes

    BL Lashes Volume Laser Lash


    The BL Lashes Fine Mink Volume Laser Lash is made from a standard Korean .07mm thick PBT fiber with thin and lightweight properties. These lashes are scribed at the base with a laser to allow the glue to adhere to the lash longer.  These volume...

  • BL Lashes Ultra X Eyelash Glue

    BL Lashes Ultra X Eyelash Glue


    BL Lashes Ultra X Lash Glue Tech Level: Advanced Setting Time: 1~2 Seconds Retention: Up to 6 Weeks Color: Black Consistency: Thin, liquid-like Ideal Humidity: 30~50% Shelf Life (Opened): 1-2 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area)  Shelf Life...

All Eyelash Extension Supplies

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 Don't spend hours shopping around at multiple sites, we have all the eyelash extension supplies and tools you need to create a desired look. Use just a single site where everything you could ever want or need when working with eyelash extension products can be found in one area. From brands like BL, Blink Lashes, iLashstore Brand and others you will find the best eyelash extension supplies. iLashstore is a one-stop shop for all things related to professional eyelash extension supplies. Whether you are an amateur makeup artist looking for products to use at-home or a professional makeup artist in need of additional supplies to add to your kit, we have exactly what you need and it is all in one place. 

A favorite section on our site is our extensive inventory of synthetic mink lashes. We carry synthetic mink eyelash extensions from some of the industry's top manufacturers that include Diamond, Blink, and even our own exclusive brand. Browse our inventory to find synthetic mink eyelash extension in various thicknesses and lengths that will help you create all types of looks from the sultry and luxurious, to subtle and elegant.

Purchasing the best eyelash extensions won't be enough to create a long-lasting look. It is important to make sure you are using high quality, professional lash tools and supplies. When you shop at iLashstore, you will find an extensive inventory of professional quality tools and eyelash extension supplies that will help you achieve a smooth polished look.

Our current inventory includes a variety of professional eyelash glue's, hypoallergenic micropore tape, lash removers, and lash sealers. You can even find tweezers, disposable glue rings, and other lash tools that are uniquely designed for those working with eyelash extensions. All of these items are essential to helping amateur and professional makeup artists with the application process.

All items found at iLashstore are available for purchase separately, but if you are just beginning to work with eyelash extensions, you may want to consider some of our eyelash extension kits. We have an eyelash extension kit that is perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of professional makeup application. Our kit contains everything you need to get started and work on anywhere from 20 to 50 sets of lashes. There is even a training manual included to guide you through the lash application process.

When it comes to finding what you need to apply and maintain eyelash extensions, iLashstore will have what you need. Browse our vast inventory to find everything from single strands of synthetic mink eyelashes to massage tables, lamps, and professional quality glues, removers, and sealants.

The best part is when you place an order with iLashstore you know you are getting high quality products. If you are unsatisfied with the products you receive – for whatever reason – use our money back guarantee to receive a replacement product or a full refund.  Wholesale accounts are available and are based on a monthly purchase amount. You can fill out a wholesale request form hereGo to top