Sleep Mask - Chevron Style


Product Description

Sleep Mask - Chevron Design(Smaller)

Measuring 8” x 3.25”, our Chevron Masks are an inch smaller in length than the 40 Blinks, making them a great option for those with faces that are more petite. The eye cup of the Chevron Sleep Masks is half as deep as the eye cup of our "Save your Lashes" sleep mask.

Morning sun waking you too early? Snooze all day in the dark after a big party! Arrive rested and refreshed on your next flight. Take 5 to relax tired computer-screen eyes. Helps you focus for meditation and deep breathing.

Featherweight, light-blocking and contoured for pressure-free eye comfort. Adjustable straps fit any head size. Our Ultralight Chevron Sleep Masks are a smaller version of our 40 Blinks.


Care Instructions: Hand wash cold. Do not soak. Lay on towel to dry. DO NOT MICROWAVE

Comfort Tip: Place water-moistened cosmetic cotton pads over eyelids inside mask to rehydrate and refresh dry, irritated eyes.