Real Plus 3D Fiber Mascara

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Product Description

Real Plus 3D Fiber Mascara 100% Natural and Eyelash Extension Friendly


Function :

1 minute of application to get longer, thicker eyelashes!


1.To create an appearance of longer length, and thickness and fullness in an instant.

2.100% natural, safe & healthy for eyelash extensions.

3.Quality is guaranteed, without flaking.


Mascara gel: water, beeswax, aqua, lanolin alcohol, vegetable carbon black, silicon oil, castor oil, natural resin, nylon, triethanolamine, propylene glycol.

Fiber: 100% natural fibers taken from green tea and black iron oxide.


Repeating usage of these 3 steps will give you a more dramatic look.

Step1. Coat the transplanting gel on eyelashes.

Step2. Apply fibers on lashes before gel has time to dry.

Step3. Seal the fibers with another coat of gel.


1.Only use for external and avoid to contact eyes

2.If it falls into eyes, wash it with clean water, but never rub eyes

3.Remove 3D lashes with warm water and facial cleanser

4.Any irritation, stop using and consult your physician

5.Keep it in dry cool place and be out reach of children


12ml gel + 0.8g fiber / set