NEW Brow Lamination-Lash Lift Kit - Fall In the Volume

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Fall in the Volume Lash Lift Kit and Brow lamination with Keratin Boost offers a beautiful long lasting lash lift to those clients who do not want extensions.  This kit can also be used for brow lamination to train the brows in to place. This lash lift and brow lamination kit will give you everything you need to give a beautiful long lasting lift (3-4 Weeks) and comes with step by step directions. 

Fall In The Volume Contents Include:

1- 5g NEW Stronger Fixing Gel for brow lamination

1- 4g Cream #1 (Lift Cream)

1- 4g Cream #2 (Lift Cream)

1- 4g Pure Essence (Set Liquid)

1- 4g Keratin Boost (Nutrient Boost)

1- 4g Tint,Coating (This is not a permanent tint)

2- Mix packs of silicone curling rods (Reusable if sanitized)

50- Lip Gloss Applicators

10- Cuticle Application Sticks

1- Roll of Cello Wrap

5- Y Combs

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 This product is NOT for self applications. This is to be used by licensed professionals only.

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