iLash Ellipse Lash™ DUO TIP - Mixed Length Trays


Product Description

The Ellipse Lash™ DUO TIP  lash has a shiny sheen and a silky smooth texture for a more natural look. The iLash Ellipse Lash™ DUO TIP is elliptical in shape and gives the look of a .20mm-.25mm with the weight of a .15mm lash and has a split or duo tip for a more "Feathery" finished look.  These Ellipse Lash™ lashes are VERY soft and comfortable for the client. With the elliptical or oval shape these lashes are easy to place on the natural lash. The Ellipse Lash™ out performs other lashes because as the natural lashes grow out, the Ellipse Lash™ will not fall off to the side as easy preventing the lashes from getting tangled up.   These are mixed length trays that have 8mm-16mm lengths available. Available in J,B,C,D curl and .15 and .20mm thickness.