Flexbond 2.0 Glue - Derma-Flex

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Product Description

This new generation Flexbond 2.0 Derma-Flex Instant lash glue has an acrylic rubber chemically bonded to the glue's formula to maintain strength, and maximize the softness and flexibility. The Derma-Flex eyelash glue can be used for all types of applications with instants bonds for:
Russian Volume Style Lashes
Traditional One on One Lashes
Brow Extensions (For Skin and Hair)
The new Cosmetic Grade Derma-Flex lash glue  meets all of the new European Cosmetic Directives #1223/2009.
This glue is weightless with an undetectable bond helping to prevent lashes sticking together during the application. The bond time is 2-3 seconds and has a thin viscosity. Retention is 2-3 weeks with proper client care. This eyelash glue is formulated and produced in Europe with extremely high quality standards. Fume value is low compared to other professional glues with similar strength. Color is Black and is this glue is Formaldehyde and Latex Free. Available in 5g Size.  - Eyelash Glue Ingredients provided by request

This glue is NOT for self applications, it must be used by a licensed professional only.


The Flex bond Derma-Flex lash glue will dry faster-which is an advantage to most technicians because of the super fast dry time on the lash.  However, because of this dry time, when the glue is dispensed at room temperature it will also dry fast as you're applying it.  To overcome this, it is suggested to use a jade stone that stays cooler than room temperature and lower the temperature of the room.   This quick dry time means you may need to dispense smaller amounts of glue a few times through an application to keep it fresh. Always make sure your placement of the lash is fast and secure or the glue may dry too quickly causing lashes to shed prematurely.

For longer lasting lashes: A primer will need to be used to thoroughly clean the lashes for a proper long lasting bond. Always shake glue for at least 30 seconds before each use and close the cap tightly to prevent any air from entering the bottle. (Any contamination, such as makeup or oil, can drastically reduce the bonding life and strength of any glue.  This can also prevent the bond from grabbing on to the natural lash since the adhesive will not bond to a contaminant. Washing the face with a makeup remover or using makeup remover wipes will not remove all contaminates from the lashes.)  


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