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BL Lashes 5D Lash Mixed Length


Product Description

BL Lashes 5D Premade Lash fans combine a dramatic look with an ultra-light feel without the need for additional Russian Volume training. These lash clusters have different lengths per cluster. They have built the bonding area of the lashes longer to provide more surface area for glue. This improves retention times and gives an eyeliner effect. These lashes work great for the volume lash in the Hybrid Lash sets.

These lashes are available in C and D curl in a mix tray (7mm-14mm) with a .07 mm thickness.

  • 336 Premade 5D Fans
  • Best Premade Fan Lashes for Volume lash technique
  • No training for Russian Volume needed
  • The fan is narrower than to Volume 5D Lash
  • Eyeliner effect