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Lash Station Pillow


Product Description

This Lash Station pillow is great for staging your application tools and materials next to your client while they lay comfortably on the table. The flat area on either side of the lash pillow works great as a solid platform to place lashes and glue during the eyelash application.  Memory foam core ensures that the lash pillow will conform to each individual and maintain its shape over a long period of time.  

The lash station pillow will be a great workstation for you and will be comfortable for your clients. You will no longer have to worry about where to place your products and your clients will have pace of mind knowing their lashes will be done from the comfort of this pillow. 

Lash Pillow does not include any tools or products shown in the image. 19" Long x 12" Wide x 4" Tall. Please note that the memory foam will have a certain "scent" to it and will fade with time, and keep in a warm area to maintain its softness.