DV Magic Black Coating

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Product Description

DV Magic Black Coating 8ml

Similar in properties to the BL Black Diamond Coating, this is one of the most effective tools for prolonging your eyelash extension life. It will protect the adhesive from moisture, humidity, and oils, preventing your lashes from failing prematurely. Black tinted color to enhance your lashes and thin coating film which protects and makes your eyelash extensions last for a longer period of time.   The coating should not be applied until lash glue has completely cured approximately 48 hours depending on the glue.  The client should apply the coating once the glue has completely cured to increase their retention time.   For best results it is recommended that the client use every other day for extra protection and longer lash life.

 Warning: Sealants may not be compatible with all glues, please check with your manufacturer to confirm compatibility.